Celebrate WV's 150th Birthday with a Trip to See the Golden Horseshoe by Natalie Aliff

I laughed. I remembered. I learned. My eyes swelled up with pride. In a quaint setting of only 75 seats, the stage was set for the last day of dress rehearsal...read entire review.

Golden Horseshoe, A Musical Celebration of WV's First 150 Years Premieres in Clarksburg by Kathy Johnston

A conversation less than a year ago about West Virginia’s Sesquicentennial, between playwrights R.J. Nestor and David Scoville and Vintage Theatre Company’s Jason Young, led someone in the group to exclaim, “Let’s write a play!” And so they did. And, it’s not just any play, it’s a well written and entertaining musical that engaged the audience throughout the performance. Scoville and Nestor collaborated on the writing and Nestor wrote the music and lyrics....read entire review.

Song: The Memory of the Mountains

Behind the Scenes #1 (2013)

Wild and Wonderful in the City Photo Contest

Why Here, Why Now?

Special Preview: Opening Night